The Collectors Cabinet: No. 1

 Kirsten HivelyWords by Billie Jenkins

Collection of the Week

Kirsten Hively is an architect who fell in love with neon signs. She had often recorded the signs she encountered on her travels, until she realised the ones she saw everyday around her New York home had been neglected in her photography. When she discovered it was the 100th anniversary of the modern neon sign she started to take trips around her neighbourhood, and then further afield on roads less travelled to change that. After a while she began a blog, Project Neon, documenting her growing collection alongside stories about the signs and venues they showcased. In December she released an app, so that users could access information about neon signs from the streets they encountered them.

What first distanced Hively’s photos from other images available of New York neon as the thoroughness she took in describing the place and time the sign was recorded, along which characteristics of the environment. Through this she has created a truly unique documentation on the cities bright lights. The rise and fall of restaurants are covered, such as the Heartbreak which was humorously uploaded this Valentines day, as  are the small town charms of family joints, novelty nudity of the red light district, and the playfulness of big red lobsters. Whether you a typography buff, or just looking for some old school American charm in your web browsing its gorgeous and fun.

Check out the website here at, or tweet at App is available now.

Here are our favourites:

Kirsten Hively

Kirsten Hively

Kirsten Hively

 Kirsten Hively

A Little Stranger

Artist and photographer Cheryl Maeder came across two images whilst thrift shopping in California and immediately decided that they were long lost fictional relatives Doris (fur collar) and George (grey suit). Since then she has amassed a large collection of false relatives, all found second hand for under $25. Although it makes for a nice photo it must make for unusual conversation when you bring a friend over for he first time.

Cheryl Maeder

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