The Future for British Union

 Words by Elizabeth Pollard

The British news this week was dominated by the Scottish Independence debate. With the referendum taking place last Thursday, the final rallying took place in the run up, including Vivienne Westwood walking down the catwalk wearing a ‘Yes’ badge (of course she did). With such a close vote of 55% ‘No’ to 45% ‘Yes’ it hardly feels like victory for the union of Britain. So what does it really mean for Britain’s future?

The number of voters for this referendum was at a record high in the UK with 97% registered to vote and an 87% turn out, including for the first time ever the 16 and 17 year old population. This reaction clearly demonstrates the sincerity of what is at stake but also, regardless of the result this is a call for change.

In many ways I can understand the pride and patriotism of the Scottish people but I can’t help but feeling the battle for independence was anything more than just that. Especially from an English point of view, over the last few months we have heard countless arguments in favour in keeping the union, most of which are to ask the Scots what is really means to break from England, Wales and Northern Ireland; to consider the loss of the pound, the Queen as a political figure, their place in the European Union and even the BBC. The Independent Scotland website sites an independent government, securing Scotland’s resources, believing in the creation of jobs, believing in more equal wages and more tailored benefits for the Scottish people as just some of the reasons to vote independence.

These issues will not fall flat because Scotland are not independently trying to achieve them. Concerns over unemployment, the health service and distribution of wealth and power have been the subject of debate for hundreds of years. Whilst yes, I agree Scotland and the Midlands and North of England have been neglected for sometime, this referendum has still brought positive change and a hopeful future for the Scots, bringing our nations to an even stronger unity than before.



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