The Gentleman Drinker

Crazy, Stupid, Love.Image still Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love Words by Shaun Cooney

The mysterious loner at the end of the bar, the intellectual gentleman reading his book in the corner of the room, the beloved regular who all the bar staff knows. These are the kind of people we like to think we are when we go for a drink on our own. But actually most people are most likely thinking ‘whys that guy drinking on his own on a Tuesday lunch’ or ‘Aww, that poor chaps been stood up’.

It takes a lot of courage to take that plunge to decide to go for a drink in a busy local pub on your own or request that table for one in a restaurant. But if I never took myself our for a drink in a new bar or treat myself to lunch in my favorite restaurant then my list of places to go would never get any shorter. In truth, dining alone means I can stare at the waiting staff as much as I like without getting upsetting who ever is joining me by being a brick wall of conversation.

Dining alone gives the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the working of a restaurant, the way a barman bangs her boston shaker on the end of the bar, the team drink mixed by one member of staff in the middle of a busy service. The thinks that make working in a restaurant one of the most enjoyable jobs.

Say it loud, say it proud ‘table for one please’

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