The Gentleman Drinker: Habitual Drinkers

habitual drinkers
Words by Shaun Cooney

When sitting at the bar of the new must visit bar, sitting in the beer garden of a cask ale specialist pub, sitting at the table of a restaurant you’ve never visited before or even looking at the shelves of your local off license, you’re faced with the dilemma of what to drink that evening. When it comes to beer, you guys end up searching the pumps for something that gives away a key tasting note or a pump clip you recognize, or looking down the wine list to find a grape you recognize, or ordering a beer when you want an amazing G&T.

William Cowper said, “variety is the very spice of life”. So why when it comes to our drinks choices are we creatures of habit? What scares us to ask for something different or to even ask for a recommendation and follow that advice blindly? If you’ve chosen an establishment where the staff know what they are doing, then they will definitely bring you back something you will enjoy. I am that very creature of habit, I’m worried to look like I don’t know what I’m getting myself in for. But I the need to take the plunge, take control and order the beer with the best looking label, or a grape I don’t know.

There can be nothing more pleasing that the first sip, the pause to taste and then that feeling of discovery that you have found something that only a small portion of people will know about. But better than that is the smugness you can have over friends when you introduce them to it, or the feeling of sadness when everyone starts drinking it and it’s no longer yours to lord over everyone.

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