The Gentleman Drinker: Quality Over Quantity

Corinne & gentleman drinker
Words by Shaun Cooney

Now I’m closer to being thirty than twenty, gone are the weekends that involved heavy pre-drinking at a friends’; shots, beer after beer after beer and doubling up on the house vodka for only one pound extra. The last year has taught me that spending a pound more on a nicer gin, a better bottle of wine or a cocktail, instead of another pint can be much more rewarding.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still guilty of over-consumption and love a good session in a beer garden. But instead of pints of cheap lager, its pints of a locally brewed pale ale or IPA or a well chilled bottle of white wine. Making the decision to switch from your trusty amber lager to the cloudy cask ale can be difficult, but try all the options and you’re sure to find something you like.

When it comes to drinking wine as a young guy, you can start getting some paranoid feelings that people are staring and judging you. But once more, push through and try as many glasses as possible until you find something you like, a glass of chilled Australian sauvignon can be as refreshing on a hot sunny day in a beer garden, as a tall chilled glass of beer.


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