The Hard Questions: Corinne & The Adult Industry

Corinne& the adult indstryWords by Billie Jenkins

This time around a year ago I was potentially one of the only people anticipating the Bret Eastern Ellis directed release of ‘The Canyons’. Toted as part B-movie pastiche, part cinematic expression of the wasted youth and rich kids of the West Coast prevalent in may of Ellis’s work it just dissipated into nothingness. Combining a less than stellar, but somewhat intriguing cast that paired a mid-mess Lindsey Lohan and Porn superstar James Deen. James Deen is an anomaly in the industry, famed for his looks which are both good and starkly different to the normal line up of grim shaved head and ponytails found in the male porn industry, he was a cheeky chappy who according to his twitter just ‘a simple guy who bangs chicks for a living’. The rise of the celebrity porn star into the sparkly sunset of Hollywood is not well documented as being a success. The cliche of the industry offering an in into the world of acting for the actress with a slightly gullible predisposition has become a laughable cliche that has more in common with a adult film story line than reality itself. Even Sasha Grey, once dubbed the ‘dirtiest girl in the world’ was given flattering coverage in mainstream women’s magazine either side of the Atlantic, but this petered out into a few performances as variations of herself in Entourage and music videos. She now writes reasonably successful books for the Fifty Shades era of female readers but it wasn’t exactly the Oscar standard acceptance she presumably hoped for. Noteable success include Sibel Kekilli who plays Shey in Game of Thrones, and Shu Qi who stars alongside Jason Statham in Transporter, but these are few and far between. But this is rarely a path publicly tread by a male performer, so what happened to Deen.

The latest news searches reveal he is still ‘banging chicks for a living’. In a weird d-list celebrity, adult industry crossover he has recently promoting the release of second film with MTV ‘Teen mom’ star Farrah Abraham. He’s also released a Seinfeld parody porn, with an allegedly convincing performance as the man himself. It even includes the thoughtful conundrums of daily life the real show engages with. So, the novelty genre? The Canyon’s is a lone anomaly on his Imdb account. I had to scroll a lot of shockers to even find that. The strange crossover between adult industry performers and mainstream film and television seems to be a one one street. Obviously it would be difficult to hold Helen Mirren in the same thoughtful esteem if we had seen her doubled. But with the release of Von Triers Nymphomaniac and similarly liberal reales int he last few years there is weight to the argument this has less to do with the explicit nature of the work itself. Deen stint in Hollywood has done his career a world of good, people like me know his name and the bounty on his bak balance will be feeling the effects. Sasha Grey also may not have achieved acceptance but she her work extra circular to her day job has given her room to leave the profession altogether with her infamy uncompromised. It is interesting how in most cases, such as Deens, the main motivation of the casting is the titillation their job title provides. That was not enough to keep the Canyon’s from flopping, but I’m pretty sure Deen is hard at work reaping the rewards of a casting with Lohan and working with the big dog of modern fiction.

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