The Legend of Bill Murray


Words by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of Mellisa Stone

Bill Murray is a man of the people. Half man, half legend; mystery, fun and beautiful woman follow him wherever he goes. With a career spanning 74 films and TV shows he has reached heights not many actors could hope for. Yet it is the real Bill Murray that mesmerises each new generation, the bizarre and wonderful events that blossom around him. Could it be anyone but Bill Murray who could enter an Austin bar with the Wu Tang Clan at his heels, and proceed to become bartender, only serving tequila shots no matter what punters ordered. Could it be anyone but Bill Murray who would meet a young Nordic beauty after a golf tournament, return to her house for a party and do the dishes for her. Could it be anyone but the wonderful Bill Murray who turns up at the construction site at the Poet’s House in Manhattan, recites poetry to them, adding “It gets worse. If you want to take a sick day, do it now.”

In homage to this legend San Francisco’s Public Works are hosting a one day event, The Murray Affair, showcasing two hundred original artworks of the great man. He is the people’s muse, and despite the inevitable amateur feel the majority of the works will bear, I can’t help but think how lovely and Bill Murrayish the whole thing with be to experience. If only it was being held in a submarine…



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