The Return of Craig David

Photograph courtesy of Craig David Official Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Stop whatever you are doing! Put down your Saturday morning coffee and bagel and listen. Craig David is back on the scene. I know this may be hard to believe because when you Google ‘Craig David is…’ the first search that pops up is ‘…dead’. Either Craig doesn’t often get Googled, or mobs of people are concerned about his lengthy absence. Well, worry no more because he’s back with a new single, ‘Cold’.

Unfortunately the single is pure horseshit (despite his expert lyrics: “The girl’s an instant lover / Like a hit of MDMA” and “Before you know it you’re naked”) so instead I’m going to tell you some interesting facts about what this fine Southampton lad has been doing since he’s been away.

1. Craig has been living in LA.

2. Craig cures a hangover with a run.

3. In 2010 he was made a goodwill ambassador for the World Health Organisation against tuberculosis.

4. Craig blames Bo Selecta for losing the public’s respect.

5. Craig works out… a lot.

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