The Riot Club

Photograph courtesy of Vogue UK, August 2014
Words by Elizabeth Pollard 

Oxford University is home to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. The Bullingdon Club is a society for boys that champions wealth and especially the waste of it. Membership alone separates the rich from the super-rich. But it’s the rituals that really demonstrate why our economy is being shat on by our most entrusted leaders, aka ex-Bullingdon members George Osborne, Boris Johnson and of course David Cameron. Despite the club being founded under the good intentions of playing sport and hosting banquets, it’s rituals soon turned to heavy drinking and enjoying the frivolity of trashing it’s meeting places including restaurants country houses. It’s only stipulation however, is that if you break it, you buy it, resulting in tens of thousands of pounds of damage smugly paid for in cash it’s spoilt members.

In 2010 British playwright Laura Wade wrote the play Posh, but as a notoriously secretive club it was only speculated to be a parody of the Bullingdon boys. After opening the play during the UK general elections, it was very well received and has now been adapted by Wade for the screen, this time marketed as a fictionalised version of the club. Starring actors Max Irons, Sam Claflin and Douglas Booth, I can imagine this adaptation is every bit as glamorized as the boys would hope it should be only fuelling fire to their already enormous egos. Well, let the party commence and (as it did at the White Hart), let wine flow and blood spill.

The Riot Club, directed by Lone Scherfig, is released in UK cinemas on September 19 2014.

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