The Roundup: LFW Day 5

Untitled-1Photography by Words by Elizabeth Pollard

The final day of LFW is the day for all the cool kids on the block. Exhausted by the running, tweeting, waiting and drinking of the weekend, Tuesday is the fashion week hangover that requires a breath of fresh air and a sense of humour…

Marques’Almeida opened the final day with a collection inspired by The Chelsea Hotel’s heyday; bell bottom, low slung jeans and shaggy trainers appeared through out. This season ventured (ever-so-slightly) away from their usual denim uniform but they treated the fabrics all the same. Acid wash crush velvet, frayed knitwear, silk pyjamas all layered with acid bright shagpile fur made for interesting texture combinations.

Untitled-12Marques’Almeida AW14

Simone Rocha was absolutely our most anticipated show of the season and of course, our favourite Irish designer did not disappoint. This season, inspired by Anne Boleyn, the Rocha Girl was punky but decedent. Flounced sleeves, embellishment and a contrast of textures created the drama of Boleyn’s period with flourishes of snakeskin, leather and fur to create a harder edge all whilst staying true to her signature silhouette.

Untitled-13Simone Rocha AW14

A homage to Coco Chanel hit with a 60’s pill is probably the best way to describe the cheekiest fashion duo. Meadham Kirchoff reworked the Chanel suit in pastel colours and styled with sheer and lace blouses to produce one of their most wearable collections so far… relatively speaking. Dresses with graphic, 60’s prints in clashing reds and pinks followed midi dresses made of layers of lace and tulle in sugary shades which felt like a very disconnected transition of thought. All-in-all, a collection that leaves you with a bit of headrush, what more could you expect!

Untitled-14Meadham Kirchoff AW14

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