The Signature Of All Things

Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All ThingsWords by Frank Think

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Eat, Pray, Love, has written a new novel The Signature of All Things, published by Penguin Group. The ground breaking novel follows the life of Alma as she weaves her way through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We are taken on a journey that might seem predictable, however is full of surprise stretching the reader down paths of self exploration. Just when one has made an opinion on relationships Elizabeth turns it upside down and challenges the reader to embrace a polar opposite.

The book is ground breaking as it could primarily appeal to a singular female audience, but Elizabeth has embraced contemporary feminism and includes a male interest. The questions she poses about life, love and the meaning of existence stimulates both sexes. The tread of feminism is strong, but ladies this is a book that partners, boyfriends and husbands can also read. It is a great book for debate and besides any book with pictures of magic mushrooms on the cover must be able to stimulate the sleepy mind.

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