The Space Project

Space ProjectImage courtesy of Words by Billie Jenkins

The trembles of solar, sonar, stardust. Ok, we don’t know exactly what makes sound in space, but NASA’s Voyager space probes have been collecting the noises they’ve encountered since they left earth in 1977. We can never hope to grasp the science of electromagnetic radiation that contributes to these noises, but electro and radio we can understand, which is where The Space Project comes in. 19th April marks the release of a compilation created from the sounds and scenes sent back by the probes, and there are some really incredible results. Artists including Beach House, Youth Lagoon and The Antlers build tracks showcasing the strange and wonderful. Stand out pieces including the Zomes contribution Moonlet, with paced but melancholy twinkles and a haunting build that wouldn’t be out of place in Donny Darko, as well as Jesu’s Song of Earth with wavering drones and drums that sounds like a Jesus and Mary Chain tape got left in the sun to long. It’s free to stream online until the release date so you better hurry.

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