The Study of Philosophy and Wisdom

picImage: A vintage poster Words by Frank Think

The study of philosophy, or the love of wisdom including the study of religion, science, arts and humanities all seem to point to endless possibilities of reality. This is just too big for the human mind to comprehend all possibilities, so we set parameters similar to railroad tracks to keep us sane. Everyone sets their own parameters to what is life and how it should be lived. Sometimes when we go to the edge of our framework it feels uncomfortable just as it can be exciting. There is a sense of danger to our wellbeing when we stretch ourselves outside of the comfort zone so many of us keep to strict religious, moral and scientific rules. To keep the balance even more secure we say it is God’s will, or scientifically correct as to open the mind outside of these tracks can be destabilizing and threatens survival. Human history is a record of how we have developed according to a limited mind set. Cultural and social mores can be seen as a journey down a similar path and even those who claim to be different are part of a relatively narrow mind set. Our first task as humans is to know who am I and what are my parameters. It takes a strong person to think outside cultural expectations and history is littered with people who have been sacrificed for doing so. This danger still exists as some cultures still eliminate free thinkers.

We are all faced with the same question; who am I and how do I fit into the cultures of humanity?

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