The Trouble With Spice

Natalie BraunePhotography by Natalie Braune Words by Shaun Cooney

One of my favorite cuisines is Mexican. I love the spice, the chilies and homemade guacamole. Because of this I thought I was good with some spice, I always get jalapeños on my pizza, I love my chips with paprika on them and I like a curry. But my recent takeaway from the local curry house put all ideas of being able to handle heat to bed.

After my hot + spicy vindalho arrived I quickly dove in took a big mouthful and even quicker regret was all over my face and too which resulted in probably the most upsetting meal not because the food was bad, it was delicious, but it took me a long time for my mouth to return to normal, my eyes to stop streaming and with much scraping of sauce I was able to enjoy dinner.

What is it that makes us as men chase down a hotter and hotter dish? Why do we insist on ruining entire dinners, and evenings, just too feel more of a man. So from now I will be sticking to jalapeños, paprika and nice creamy korma.

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