The Voice Of Our Youth

Instagram stars
Photography courtesy of Instagram Words by Elizabeth Pollard

To say we live in a world where social media and reality celebrity rule is the understatement of the century. Despite being young enough to have grown up with a family computer and receive a mobile phone for my thirteenth birthday, I am, unfortunately, still remarkably behind the times where technology is concerned.

Two weeks ago, Time Magazine announced it’s 25 most influential teens – ridden of social media’s A-list including blogger (since aged 12) Tavi Gevinson, Austin Mahone who found musical fame via his Twitter followers and Youtube star Bethany Mota. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are arguably the most famous on the list, however, unlike the rest of the Kardashian clan who have a reputation of being famous for being famous, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have used their online, social presence to enhance their careers as models, entrepreneurs and even authors.

Famous or not when they entered the world of social media, all of these people now have an incredible resource that most business’ could only dream of. So what is it that makes the ramblings of a sixteen-year-old Jaden Smith or style insight from a young Tavi Gevinson so powerful? I believe the answer lies in the ‘age of innocence’. The MTV generation are so desensitised by the corporate advertising that surrounds their day-to-day life, so who else to trust than their peers? Teenagers sending a message concerning teenage issues is uncalculated. They’re tone of voice is accessible, they speak from the heart and are unscarred by experience allowing them to be outspoken and unashamed.

Whilst many may find our changing world of communication baffling, I think it’s important that we nurture and celebrate those bold enough to be the ever more important voices of their generation. Never before have young people had the ability to be heard so loud, but they are very quickly proving that, given the time and space, there is a lot to be said and a lot to be learned – from each other.

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