The Watch With a Human Touch

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Words by Elizabeth Pollard Photography courtesy of

The launch of the much anticipated iWatch is descending upon us. And I have to admit, until last week I couldn’t care less. These days watches aren’t really worn to tell the time so much as an expensive piece of jewellery and often a icon of status and wealth. With iPhones only getting bigger and more welded to our palms, what would anyone want with a nano sized screen strapped to your wrist.

Well it turns out that the genius’ at Apple have tapped into two markets. Whilst still having most of the same functions as an iPhone, the ability these days to synchronize all of your devices makes your world even more stress free and apple-shaped. You can text via Siri, use GPS and access your calendar, the latter being the most relative to the traditional functions of a watch, all from a surprisingly stylish range of straps. But from what I hear, it’s the sports related functions that have people spinning. A heart rate monitor, accelerometer and GPS means you can take your fitness to a whole new level.

In many ways this watch seems like another one of modern life’s pointless preoccupations. But something has to happen between birth and death so why not do it in the most efficient way possible; with Siri to organise your schedule and Apple to tap you on the wrist to make sure you don’t miss the appointment.

The Apple Watch is out in early 2015.

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