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sound_pages_john_cages_publications_mottobooks_0099-1Words by Billie Jenkins
Sound Pages, John Cage’s Publications

Collecting together the work of one of the most fascinating and important experimental composers of recent history, Sound Pages is a treat. Split into books, scores, records and scattered documents, no other publication collects together such impressive material. It is to music geeks and curios what Kurt Cobain’s journals are to grunge fans. It’s beautiful to, with Cage ever insistent that the design, type and style of his works were as poignant as the ideas they reflected. Take a moments quiet and look into the mind of a genius.


What else we’re reading this week

Waterstone’s children’s book prize nominations are out. Apart from wondering if we’ll stretch to reading Dawn O’Porter’s ’Paper Aeroplanes’, shortlisted for young adult fiction, on the premise that we just bloody love her we’ve been pouring over the illustrations of ’Penguin in Peril’. Maybe we’re being childish but if Marc Jacobs can get away with cartoon Pugs then we can enjoy a Penguin being chased around by criminal cats.

One you might have missed

The Story: Love, Loss & the Lives of Women: 100 Great Short Stories edited by Victoria Hislop

Collecting together one hundred of the most fascinating female novelists, this volume showcases short works from authors as diverse as Miranda July, Angela Carter and Alice Munro. The sheer size means they’re will be something for everyone but a really stellar collection makes this more than the sum of its parts.


What we won’t be reading

The Muslims are Coming by Arun Kundnani

Described as a ’sharp study of anti-Islam hysteria’ by the Guardian suffers from a fatal design flaw. A gripping, and important subject matter we don’t doubt, but with the books title blazoned across a bright red cover there is as much chance being mistaken for a right wing nut as a peaceful academic type. Maybe save this one for home time reading or risk losing friends on your commute.

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