This Week In Books: Nieves Special

featureWords by Billie Jenkins

Nieves is a Zurich based publishing company set up in 2001 that produces loads of cool artists books and special edition zines. This week we showcase some of our favourites.

Masterpiece Colouring Book, by Ken Kagami and Masanao Hirayama
Classic masters works are doodled beyond recognition in crude, childlike scrawl. It’s fun, and you don’t have to worry about going outside the lines.



Five Points by Georg Gatsas
They call it a historical document of artist refuges in downtown Manhattan. They may be right, but we love it for the insight it offers to the homes of the interesting and cool.

I’m Starting To Feel Ok by Stephanie Marx
Bright hand painted illustrations are punctuated with words that read like a pleasing manifesto. A sweet, energy filled pick me up bursting with colour.



…no one was there, she did not know it… by Andro Wekua
Intimate, as if soft traces on the wide spaces of white these illustrations come across like first thoughts that have already begun slipping away.

Bad Couples by Nicola Pecoraro
A collection of up close portraits which look as if they were conceived in the darkest hour of an LSD trip. They are wild, they scare me.

Piss down my back and tell me it’s raining by Linus Bill
Young, vibrant photography that shows his intriguing day to day.




The Line by Saul Steinberg
Following a single line through the fold out pages an imaginative world emerges, bursting into cities, landscapes and seas.

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