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Leon LeveinsteinWords by Billie Jenkins

Leon Leveinstein, Leon Leveinstein
Released later this week this is one of the most exciting photographic releases in a long time. A compilation of Levesteins incredible street photography the work respectfully portrays the poverty of the places and subjects he captures yet retains their individuality and dignity. Eccentricities are respectfully captured, the closeness of a community is abundant. Strains can be seen in hardened faces but those portrayed remain strong. If you can’t afford it google it.

Leon Leveinstein

Leon Leveinstein

Leon Leveinstein

What else were reading this week:

Breakfast with Lucian, Geordie Grieg
With all the hype this last fortnight, and the intimate portrait of Freud’s lover making record figures at auction, we’ve turned back to this intimate but often unsettling account of his life. Challenging but astonishing.

One you might have missed:

In colour: Bruce Davidson Jan 14
Black and White extraordinaire Bruce Davidson released a collection of colour photographs that span his career. Personally selected by the artists highlights include some incredible street photography from American neighbourhoods from when race was a significant public divide, and retracts of Nobel Prize laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer.

And one we won’t be reading

Find it in everything: Photographs by Drew Barrymore
We love you Drew, but an anthology of heart shaped objects you’ve taken over the past ten years? We’re you late on rent?

And finally, this week the Telegraph published an article depicting ten great meals from literature. This one of Holden’s Swiss cheese sandwich pleased us greatly.

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