This Week’s Book Releases

Words by Billie Jenkins

It’s still a little too cold for outside recreation, we’d much rather curl up with an oversized book. Here are four releases were excited about this week:

Aperture 214: Spring 2014

Split into Words and Picture sections exploring one chosen theme of contemporary photography this is a fascinating magazine. This issue deals with ‘Documentary, Expanded’, questioning and showcaseing work that adopts new technological or philosophical progress in the world of documentary photography.


You Should’ve heard what I just seen

Taking the interesting idea of how music influences making and experiencing art. Over fifty contemporary artists, curators and people of interest contribute through a range of  images, interviews, poetry and more. The quote ‘A song can rob the light from a room’ had us hooked.


Berlin: Imagine a city by Rory MacLean

“No other city has repeatedly been so powerful, and fallen so low”, MacLeans opening soundbite echoes around the intimate images taken over five decades in the German city. Powerful documentary photography.


Acts of Union and Disunion: Linda Cooley

Delves thought the history of British culture to see what it is that creates British identity, from the mythology of Britishness to the influence of other cultures as part of our daily lives. The Radio Four show that sparked this book was a secret indulgence, so well worth a peek.


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