To Understand Who I Am

Corinne & 3Words by Frank Think

To understand who am I and how to fit into the cultures of humanity, it is helpful to have an understanding of from where we came and what cultural building blocks have gone to mould the world we live in. The modern human, homo sapiens, emerged in eastern Africa over 200,000 B.P., left Africa around 50,000 B.P., and expanded across the world. Some of the earliest signs of sedentary culture date back to 12,000 B.P. (estimated European population 30,000) with more settled agricultural societies around 10,000 B.P., The span of written recorded history is about 5000 years and overall human history and cultures are relatively very, very young.

The traditional theory of the spread of civilization is that it began in the Fertile Crescent, however there is speculation that civilizations and sociocultural developments arose independently at more than one location, along different time frames, where nomadic and sedentary communities interacted. The concept of a cradle of civilization is focused on where people congregated to build communities, create writing systems and develop more complex social structures. It is from these foundations that we base our basic thinking process, or the parameters of our thinking and subsequent manifested realities.

Given the relative youth of human civilization it is strange that we have become so set and absolute in many of our thoughts and beliefs. The rigidity of our thoughts creates tension that often tears at the social fabric we accept because of the perceived stability it is supposed to bring. The inflexibility of thought or the narrowing of parameters limits the endless possibilities and in the process harms human potential. So, to find out who am I, it is necessary to look at possibilities outside of what I know or believe to know. It is not the finding of an answer that is necessarily important but the desire and confidence to seek that helps define humanity.


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