Universal Rights

Corinne & Universal RightsWords by Frank Think

During a cultural visit to China last week Michelle Obama, the Harvard law school graduate and wife of President Obama declared that access to information should be a ‘universal right.’ Inspired with this revelation I immediately went to Berry, our 2-year old cat and asked him if he has internet access…no reply. I then went into the garden and asked the trees if they had internet access, still no reply. Later that night I looked up at the galaxies and called out ‘do you aliens out there have internet access?’, still no reply. I was left speechless; here was a Harvard law graduate, someone with all the privilege of the best education and speech writers stating that internet access was a universal right. Now, I am aware of human rights to better society, the human right to life, liberty and free speech, and for my own particular interest the human right to water but have never heard of a ‘universal’ right. The latest, third generation of human rights include human heritage rights; space, deep sea beds and the Antarctic, and even more cutting edge are human rights attributed to the environment, a kind of ‘Gia theory’ rights but universal rights?

I’m sure she meant well just chose the wrong words, typical lawyer mistake.

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