UstwoPhotograph courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Founders Matt Miller and John Sinclair run their digital agency Ustwo a little unconservatively. Hot desking, wendy-house-meeting rooms, working from a mobility scooter… Everything they do points to creating a playful and inspiring environment in which to create some of the worlds most exciting mobile technology.

After leaving the comfort of their big ad agency jobs just 4 years after graduating university, Ustwo was born in 2004 with just a £5,000 loan and a wealth of creativity. The agency now boasts a turnover of £15million and 170 staff in an ever expanding global agency. With a client list including Sony, H&M and Barclays, what is the secret to their success?

In an interview with Represent UK, in a project trying to identify what makes the ‘ideal studio’, Ustwo describe that it’s a ‘vital balancing act’:

“The best creativity flourishes in an open and free thinking environment balanced perfectly with the tightest commercial restraints. Getting it right isn’t easy and it’s something we’re constantly striving to achieve and Ustwo. Our aim is to empower individuals to be creative in their own way and how they do it is up to them, we merely supply the environment on a physical and human level and offer support.”

“We want people to feel they can be themselves and to some extent that means do whatever they wish – but they are here to do the best work possible and help the studio reach its goals. We are grounded in process as creatives and we understand how to run a business.”

Letting the business grow organically is the very essence of this studio; in environment, practice and process. The acknowledgment and nurture of your workforce is a rare and overlooked quality in a business these days, but I guess that’s an obvious explanation for their incredible success.



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