When Books Were All The Rage

1209348_10151669736668071_1996877531_n‘Victorian’ Printing Technology at Glastonbury Festival
Words by Frank Think

The Slow Reading Group fears that we are slowly evolving away from the brains “traditional deep-reading circuitry” that has developed through reading books. Maryanne Wolf, a cognitive neuroscientist at Tufts University worries that superficial internet based reading affects in-depth processing in the brain. Today technology and communication platforms require the user to develop new reading and information ordering skills. Speed is the key for the user to cross reference and evaluate information from different sources. Overall the SRGroup of many experts including, scientists, academics and one retired ballet choreographer, is concerned that due to the change in technology and resultant lifestyle we will become less able to…..think properly, well, just like your Victorian Grandmamma thought, and that was proper! However, all is not lost as another group of experts inform us we only use 10% of our brain capacity and the remaining 90% is still available to fill with nonsense.

So, generation-Now don’t worry, you might think you are overloaded with information collection, prioritizing and storage, just get ready for a white knuckle ride over the next 20-years as 90% is the capacity target.

For more information on The Slow Reading Group please contact through; website, Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, grouphug or slapontheback internet platforms as they do not have time to read letters.


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