Words by Lucy Willoughby

Homophobia is a seemingly uncommon issue in this modern world we think we live in. Unfortunately this is not entirely the case, especially in the sporting world.

Short film WONDERKID aims to explore this issue of homosexuality in a hyper masculine environment. Director Rhys Chapman co wrote the script with Terence Corless, which follows the story of a young football prodigy as he embarks on a new sporting journey. With a bright future on the horizon he struggles to face his own demons, battling with his sexuality and identity.

Rhys and his strong team aim to challenge people’s view on this topic, they feel it is a subject that does not have enough attention and believe this short film could be a step forward. Rhys hopes for WONDERKID to be used for educational purposes, he feels there is not enough sexual education in schools let alone education on homosexuality.

The team are raising money to fund the film through Kickstarter.com. Their outstanding campaign trailer, filmed at the iconic Wembley stadium, captures their focus perfectly along with the added bonus of commentary from gay rights activist Sir Ian Mckellen.

The campaign is currently live and they have 40 days to raise the money, help make WONDERKID happen, whether that’s by pledging a donation, sharing the trailer on social media, starting a conversation on the topic or just opening your mind and thinking.

Click here to learn more about the project and pledge any donations.

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